Collection: No matter what your age you are part of the Graduation Class of | Live Your Dreams

Congratulations to the Class of ___! No matter what year you graduated the BIG questions were: 
Where will you go next?
What will you do?
How will you get there?
When do you want to be financially secure?
Why did you choose that date, time, location, resource, etc.?
How will you do that?

These are just a few questions that are being asked of you whether you are graduating from high school, with your GED, your college or masters degree or even a Continuing Education Credit.

You are the CEO of your vision, dreams, and life! Go make a difference for yourself and others. Expand your circle; it is not a closed circle. Let people come and go freely and then circle back. 

You are not the same today as you were yesterday or even a few moments ago.
You just learned something or heard something. Did you just feel something or see something? All of these TIOLI Moments make you YOU! 

What does TIOLI mean? They are the "Take It or Leave It" Moments that happen.
You may not need the information, experience, or item now, but it now part of your life's tool box.

Know that you are loved and were brought into this world for a purpose and to make a difference. 

Do you need more assistance?
Reach out to us or another resource.

These are just a few we work with and will be partnering with more.
Entrepreneurship | Business development 
Career planning | Internships | Mentorship
Home ownership | Financial assistance | Estate planning  
Suicide prevention | Grieving groups | Marriage counseling

Now it is your turn to choose who will be your accountably partner, mentor, and/or coach for your next step along your journey. 

Set your goals with Coach Kathy Micheel 
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