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Class of ___ - Personalized Key ring, Journal, and Koozie package

Class of ___ - Personalized Key ring, Journal, and Koozie package

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Yep, this year is here!!! Who is excited? Who is nervous? Who is sad, curious, has butterflies or wants to spread their wings?

These feelings are normal and YES you may have more than one at a time.
Get messy, make mistakes and even learn from others wins and losses.

Even if you didn't play the typical sports during your school days, some of you competed in other ways like with livestock, 4-H, FFA, FBLA, Chess club, Drama, theatre, triathlon, marathon, St. Jude's bikeathon to raise money, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and yes, even during Sunday school or vacation bible school...they are all ways that you learned and experienced the ups and downs of life.

These are just a few moments that make you YOU! Embrace them, learn from them now or in the future...key them as grounding reference points along your life's journey.

Go out an explore and know that you are always welcome to come home to family, friends, teachers, co-workers, mentors, coaches and others. 

Your circle is not a closed loop; keep a path way open to rekindle or add in new members.

Be the Sunshine for yourself and others as needed.
Did you know that when you fold your doesn't always mean you are mad or upset? It is okay to give yourself the "self-hug" you are needing.

Until we see the whites of each other's eyes...give yourself a hug and know you are not alone. 

You will get one each of the following items.
Double-sided bamboo/silver-ring key chain
Burlap covered Journal
Tall koozie
Short koozie

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You will be contacted by e-mail for the information needed to personalize your package.

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