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The Energy Transformation Program with Coach Kathy Micheel

The Energy Transformation Program with Coach Kathy Micheel

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I help moms eat for their body type.

Accepting clients!
Throughout 'The Energy Transformation Program' you will get to experience your 360 Lifestyle Integration.

Limited spots: Sign-up before the last spot is taken.

$2,597.00* (Payments are accepted or save $300 for your self-care purchase.)
Use the discount code of Self-Care to receive a $300.00 discount or
*If paid in full at the time of sign-up you will receive a $300.00 VISA Gift Card to be used for your self-care. You are worth the indulgence in self-care. Taking care of you is the first step in being able to give more to others as the mom you desire to be.

About this program:
This is a 6-month guided program. 
We will meet virtually via phone call.

I was looking to lose the weight and gain the energy to be an active mother of two. This was me.

Who is looking to gain more energy and lose the physical and mental weight that we as mothers carry throughout the day and into the night?

Do you struggle with "What is for supper?" - I did!

Connect with me regarding The Energy Transformation Program.

During this 6-month program you learn how to listen to your body while you:
1. lose the weight,
2. gain more energy,
3. grocery shop with less stress,
3. cook one meal for the whole family, and
4. experience less physical pain and more mobility.
Bonus: Receive this FREE cookbook with the Fat Burning Meal Recipes with qualifying purchase. Even your kiddos will like to eat and shop for these ingredients!

Welcome to 'The Energy Transformation Program' by TIOLI Moments.
We all have those "Take It or Leave It" Moments - they make-up our past, present and future. They are the either the building blocks or the blocks that are holding you back from being your desired 'Healthier You'.

Remember, 'The Energy Transformation' Program is curated for you and your lifestyle to assist you in achieving your next goal(s).

We will work together to achieve your "Healthier You" lifestyle.

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*Program fee is non-refundable.

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