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Life is a Road Trip - Hardcover Journal - Black/Orange

Life is a Road Trip - Hardcover Journal - Black/Orange

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Step into your journey with our "Life is a Road Trip" matte black hardcover journal.

This isn't just a notebook; it's a trusty sidekick for dreamers, doers, entrepreneurs like you.

Just like the open road, life is full of twists, turns, detours, and unexpected adventures. And we firmly believe that every step of your journey should be documented, cherished, and reflected upon. That's where our journal comes in, a space for you to capture your thoughts, ideas, victories, and lessons learned.

Our matte black hardcover journal is robust, sleek, and ready to accompany you on your life's road trip. Its sturdy, high-quality cover is designed to withstand the bumps and jolts of your entrepreneurial journey. Plus, its chic matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication that's sure to impress at any business meeting, coffee shop brainstorming session, or late-night note-taking marathon.

Inside, find plenty of room for your big ideas, with lined pages ready to capture everything from your daily to-do lists to your grandest business plans. We've also thrown in some inspiring quotes, tailored especially for entrepreneurs, to keep your spirits high and your motivation strong. This journal is more than a note-taking space - it's a cheerleader, mentor, and confidant.

Remember, you're part of a lineage of entrepreneurs. You and your journey is a continuation of their legacy, and this journal is a testament to your courage to carry the torch. People need you and your products, your services, your excitement, your mentorship. Let this be the place where you let your light shine!

Take the wheel. You are amazing and your road trip awaits, and our "Life is a Road Trip" matte black hardcover journal is ready to ride shotgun.

Let's hit the road together.
 - Coach Kathy Micheel

Personalized matte hardcover lined journal.

Size: 5.75"x 8" 

150 lined pages (75 sheets)

This item makes a great gift. 

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