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LifeWave x39+Aeon (Information and Purchase options)

LifeWave x39+Aeon (Information and Purchase options)

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Welcome to our LifeWave community!

We’re excited to help you on your journey to wellness. We’d love for you to try our most recommended product, the x39 patch.

We offer live and recorded webinars. Add this item to your shopping cart and we will follow up with you.

-- Note: When you add this item to your TIOLI Moments Gift Shop cart for $0.00; you will receive a follow-up call to assist you in your health concerns and place your order directly through my referral link of – Coach Kathy Micheel with Today Forward Consulting

Additional Information:
What is Phototherapy – LifeWave – TIOLI Moments – Legacy Nutrition and Products – Today Forward Consulting – Coach Kathy Micheel

Here is the link to learn more about the LifeWave Patches.

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