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Renew Drink Packet - 1 Box (28 day supply) + Slenderiiz Drops - 1 Box Bundle

Renew Drink Packet - 1 Box (28 day supply) + Slenderiiz Drops - 1 Box Bundle

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With a delicious kiwi berry flavor, take control of your body’s aging process with Nutrifii™ Renew, a patent-pending, technologically advanced dietary supplement that helps with anti-aging by supporting HGH, a key hormone for your health and vitality.

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I buy the Renew and Slenderiiz Drops in bulk so I can get them for $290 to people. Together this bundle is usually $350+ after shipping and tax from the company. So I save people just over $70 on the purchase!! I accept many forms of payment including Venmo for the $290. Let me know if you want to reserve a box, because they go fast. 
 - Coach Kathy Micheel

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Need more information on the Renew Drink Packet?
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Need more information on the Slenderiiz Drops?
Video by Dr. Kristal: Watch now
Ingredients and FAQ sheet: View PDF

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