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Rediscover Your Dreams: Pursue Your Goals with Coach Kathy Micheel

Join Coach Kathy Micheel in embracing your life's journey and rediscovering your dreams. Whether it's pursuing a childhood ambition or exploring a new path, make your mark in the world. Yes, your life goals are within reach. Let's make them happen! - Coach Kathy Micheel

It is amazing how life goes so slow before 18 or 21 years of age.
Then hold is year 25 and you have already had your 5-year class reunion.

"Time flies, don't think it doesn't. Yes, I joke that I will need to live to be 200 to get everything crossed off my bucket list." Coach Kathy Micheel

If you talk with life insurance agents, they have been told the first child to live to 150 has already been born. (This was over 2 years ago now (2023), that I first heard this...and I am hearing it more frequently now.)

You get to choose to continue on with your dream of being a policeman, firefighter, doctor, farmer, rancher, astronaut, mother of twins, etc. or choose to take a different path of another professional like a blogger, a traveler, a photographer...the world it out there for exploring! 

No matter your choice, the world is better with you in it and your desire to achieve your life's goals.

Go out and make it happen!
Coach Kathy Micheel

Now it is your turn to choose who will be your accountably partner, mentor, and/or coach for your next step along your journey. 

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