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15-Day Challenge - Wait List

15-Day Challenge - Wait List

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Announcing the 15-Day Wellness Challenge: Navigate Your Health!

Join our wait list for an invigorating 15-day journey designed to steer your wellness in the right direction. Just like a compass guides an explorer, this challenge will serve as your personal guide through four fundamental aspects of health: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, and Sunshine/Sleep.

Challenge Details:

  • Nutrition: Fuel your body with balanced meals.
  • Exercise: Boost your physical activity and strength.
  • Water: Stay hydrated to optimize your health.
  • Sunshine/Sleep: Balance your sunlight exposure and rest.

How to Join: Sign up to secure your spot on our wait list. Don’t miss this opportunity to reset and rejuvenate your health compass!

Embark on this path with us and discover how aligning these wellness elements can point you towards a healthier lifestyle. Sign up today and take the first step on your personal wellness journey with Coach Kathy Micheel!

Let me know if you would like more information.
The Real Daily NEWS of Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine/Sleep are the topics. 

What does your compass say to you daily?
Me: My North, East, West, and South means I need to get in enough Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine/Sleep.

Are you ready to meet the healthier you? Sign up now and make your future self proud!

Spots are limited!

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