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Cookbook - 5-Ingredients Recipes - Healthy Living Meals - Download

Cookbook - 5-Ingredients Recipes - Healthy Living Meals - Download

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"Are you prepared to level up your meal planning and dive into a healthier, hassle-free way of life? Let's embark on this culinary adventure together and craft unforgettable memories with our fantastic 5-Ingredients Cookbook. Your taste buds and peace of mind will be grateful!" - Coach Kathy Micheel

Hey there, amazing friend!
Ready to transform your meal planning game and embrace a healthier, stress-free lifestyle? Our 5-Ingredients Cookbook is the perfect companion for you! With two whole weeks of scrumptious Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner recipes, we've got you covered.

And guess what? We're making your shopping experience a breeze with weekly shopping lists, organized by fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, and all those essential categories. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to tasty, nutritious meals made easy!

So come on, let's do this together and create unforgettable TIOLI Moments with our fabulous 5-Ingredients Cookbook. Your taste buds and your sanity will thank you! 🥳🍽️💚

Keep it simple in the kitchen for your meals was the goal and we have our 5-Ingredients Cookbook for you in a digital format. 
We are here to help your meal planning and prep go easier and faster not just for busy moms, but everyone. Let your spouse and/or child(ren) help you.

Yes, let them learn how to choose the foods and theme of of the meal. Who says you can't have a party each time you go to the kitchen or to your local grocery store.

In our home, if it is not on the list then it is not needed. Do you know how much space and food waste happens in the average household? Take inventory of what is in your kitchen. 

What is in your freezer for quick and easy frozen foods?
What is in your cupboards as dried seasonings and spices?
What is in your pantry as canned foods?
What do you have in your baking supplies?

Now, we live about 20-minutes from the local grocery store and we don't raise our own garden produce, so we have learned some meal hacks, time and money savers, and how to pre-plan by using our freezer. Where is your home relative to the local shopping grocery store or local farmers market.

Tip: Remember to keep in mind your location when meal planning.
Let our 5-Ingredients Cookbook be the starting point to your new healthier lifestyle.

You will be able to download your 5-Ingredient Cookbook and go shopping right away. We have included 2 weeks of meals and the shopping list for week 1 and then for week 2.
Is there an ingredient that doesn't agree with your body type or dietary plans? Let us know and make the healthier swap for yourself.
That is part of the TIOLI, Take It Or Leave It, Moments along your life's journey.

Bonus: Download our Weekly Grocery List.

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