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Cookbook - Smoothie Recipes - Healthy Living Meals - Download

Cookbook - Smoothie Recipes - Healthy Living Meals - Download

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Every meal is part of the TIOLI, "Take It Or Leave It" Moments along your life's journey. - Coach Kathy Micheel

Bonus: Download our Weekly Grocery List.

The Smoothie Cookbook is part of our Healthy Living Meals Collection.
As a personal Welcome to our Healthy Living Meals Family, the next 100 downloads will be available at our $47.00 Sizzling Summer Price!

Don't miss out on our 5-Ingredient Cookbook this is a great starting point for all ages.

Disclaimer: This is a personalized item that is sold with or without our coaching programs. There is no guarantee of results based on time or on monetary value. We believe in helping you along your life's journey.

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